Do you know your NI number off by heart

You’re just a number to them Ant. A cog in the system.

I could call my parents housephone and 999 or 111 but that’s about it.

Does everyone have one?

Over 99% of them end in A, B, C or D. Used to be something to do with quarterly batches, idk. Marckee can Google it for you all…

Yes. Think you’re given it at birth??


Used for secure information sharing across NHS departments/ accessing information

Only know mine for work reasons

Yes. Drummed into me from applying for stuff.

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Do you know my old mate Mark’s parents phone number from back in the day?

  • Yeah
  • No

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Figured it wasn’t worth finding out after that first paragraph :rofl:

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Do you know your sort code?

  • Yes
  • No

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Re: N.I numbers…

The last two digits determine the day of the week on which various social security benefits are payable and when unemployed claimants need to attend their Jobcentre to sign on (renew their claims): 00 to 19 for Monday, 20 to 39 for Tuesday, 40 to 59 for Wednesday, 60 to 79 for Thursday and 80 to 99 for Friday.

I only really know my NI number off by heart thanks to writing it on dozens of forms for signing on and housing/council tax benefit years ago, that’ll sear it into your brain for sure.

One of my mates when we were a kid had the same number as a local leisure centre bar one digit. Used to get calls regularly from customers. Became a running joke in the end, we’d ring it putting on silly voices saying stuff like “DO YOU HIRE ARMBANDS?”.


Do you know your IBAN?

  • IBAN bemember it
  • IBAN request

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Do you sometimes struggle to remember your date of birth? Just for a few seconds, like.

  • DOB bang on!
  • DOB hang on…

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I can remember Martyn’s parents’ number if you want that?

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The only reason I know my NI number off by heart is because work use it as a password for our wage slips. Which was a right pain in the arse when we moved over to receiving them electronically as I used to find out what my NI number was previously by looking at my wage slip.

I never got one :disappointed_relieved: Feel so left out when I see it in other peoples wallets

What is a NI card?

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