Do you laugh every day?




  • Hahaha
  • Hehe
  • HAH
  • slightly wheezy Mutley laugh
  • Lol

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Mutley laugh is SURELY going to take this one home, we’re all old


very hard to ellicit a laugh out of me, I’m afraid. miserable cunt, ain’t I

unless I’m incredibly high, then I’ll laugh at clothes pegs and stuff.


Think so, I’m a proper giggler.


#Live Laugh Love




Absolutely. Usually at my own jokes.


Intentional comedy very rarely makes me laugh out loud anymore. Basically only laugh at people being confused or spontaneous weird things that aren’t even meant to be funny.


Yeah I ain’t laughing at the box


nothing worse than when one of your all timers says ‘hey, watch this…it’s really funny’

even if it is funny, I can’t laugh


Even worse is having to listen to their music.


That they have made


went for ‘hehe’ as it was closest to ‘heh’


The last time I laughed at something is when I went to Liverpool just drinking etc (from my mums house) and whilst I was there she accidentally rang me, unbeknownst to me, and somehow I sent an automatic reply in my pocket that said “I’m in a meeting.” Looked at my phone later and I just had a text from her saying 'wot do u mean".


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Usually thanks to something I’ve read here (and I’ve had some close shaves where I’ve nearly been caught laughing at inappropriate times. There have been a few disasters.)


Lol no