Do you like Biffy Clyro?

Do you? Do you?


I’m never going to listen to this but I assume it’s even worse than the time Snow Patrol did a cover of Crazy In Love and got Zane Lowe in to do the Jay Z rap bit


We did this on the social board yesterday. It went quite badly.


I was going to say that this Biffy thing is one of “Absolutely nobody” memes but that sounds like it tops it

Didn’t mind that tbh, this is much worse

le biffoi


Just relistened to it and I think I could forgive it if it wasn’t for the Zane Lowe bit. “How d’ya think I got the name Lowva” urgh

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Who told the bassist it was an acoustic set?


I did. I really did - not so much their first album but I loved Vertigo and Infinity. Sure they were always a little too angsty and their lyrics were often a bit embarrassing but musically I thought they were incredible.

I remember going to Koko to watch them in 2006 and realising that I didn’t like the new songs in the set and that this didn’t bode well. Didn’t buy Puzzle or anything subsequent. They seemed like a very different band after they moved from Beggars Banquet and they left me behind (I’m sure they’re gutted).

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I’ll say

Has a, and I am only doing it for effect, “guitar band” ever covered a “rap song” well. Arctic Monkeys covered Hold On We’re Going Home which isn’t bad but, at the same time it isn’t a rap song.


Lol no

I do not but he is quite handsome.


I’ve pressed play and I’m taking it back.


They are ok but that cover is cack.

I like this as much as anything they have ever done.

I do not like Biffy Clyro

so you do like 'em? Pressing play doesn’t change his looks… :wink:

Somehow the bits where they’re actually playing the rock music are more embarrassing than when it’s your unfunny cousin rapping. Wow.

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