Do you like scary movies? The rolling horror thread 2020

New year, new danger (of a slew of mediocre remakes and cash in sequels) :hocho: :hocho: :hocho:

Upcoming for 2020:

Horror remains big business in 2020, although the Oscars seem to have given it a pass this year, plus the lukewarm reception to the really big releases of 2019 (Doctor Sleep and IT Chapter 2) might slow down the production line a little.

Deceased thread here:

RIP in pieces…


Really excited about Saint Maud. A friend of a friend/someone I occasionally bump into at parties did the score, and my wife’s pal is in it! What a world. Not out here until 01/05 ffs

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Nice! Any examples of existing work of the person doing the score?

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Scott Cooper’s foray into the horror genre with ‘Antlers’ and starring Jesse Plemons, sign me up.

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New version of The Thing incoming :thinking:

First time I clicked that link I got one of those phishing warnings, saying that someone bad may be impersonating How deliciously appropriate!

(Also this film is almost certainly going to be a disaster, isn’t it

Was going to complain about another remake but I didn’t realise there was a previous adaption. So, I dunno. It probably will he terrible but who knows.

Breaking my brain a bit to think there’s a longer gap between 1982 and today than between 1951 and 1982.

Plus there was one in 2011

That definitely doesn’t exist


Word up 2020, it’s been a minute! Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to recently:

The Mummy’s Hand: First of the sequels to the original Universal Mummy movie, this goes for a much lighter tone than the original. In no way essential, this comes 31st in this ranking of the Universal Monster movies: (There are only 31 movies on the list…) It’s fun enough for what it is, but really only worth watching if you’re a mummy movie completist.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Been meaning to watch this for years and finally got round to it a few weeks back. This is an absolute classic and holds up well today. Lon Chaney is magnificent in this (as he tends to be in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in) and the set design is spectacular. Barely a horror film by modern standards but if you’ve never seen this and are interested in the origins of our beloved genre, this is highly recommended.


Fiend Without A Face: Sadly, one of those films where the title is the best thing about it. Although this 50s sci-fi/horror hybrid is ostensibly a British production you really wouldn’t know from watching It. Strange things are occurring near a nuclear power plant with victims having their brains and spinal cords removed. Cue about an hour of ponderous investigation followed by a rousing finale featuring some pleasingly amateurish stop-motion gooiness reminiscent of Basket Case and The Evil Dead. Hardly a classic, but it hit the spot for the most part when I checked this out last night.


And then in non-film related stuff:

Devil’s Day: This is Andrew Michael Hurley’s follow-up to The Loney and is at least as enjoyable as his first novel, if not more so. This finds our protagonist and his wife returning to the rural location where he grew up after the death of the family patriarch. Hurley has quickly become a master of folk horror fiction; the scares are subtly done but build upon each other until you reach an ending that still satisfies despite its ambiguities.


The Unwritten: Not strictly horror, but with plenty of horrific moments, this is a Mike Carey comic from a few years back. Picked up the first couple of collections cheap from my local library and now I’m totally hooked. This tells the story of a shadowy cabal of ne’er-do-wells who use fiction as a way to advance their sinister machinations. The only person who can stop them is one Tom Taylor, the real-life equivalent of his fictional counterpart, Tommy Taylor, the Harry Potter-esque star of his father’s series of novels. This is all very meta and if you love books, you’ll find a ton to enjoy here.


Hill House Comics: Mentioned these in the 2019 thread, this is Joe Hill working with DC on curating a series of horror titles. So far, all of these are turning out to be hits for me, with my favorite being the aforementioned Mike Carey’s The Dollhouse Family.


That’s all for now: coming up soon: a rewatch of Freddy’s Dead, my first trip to Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery, a bunch of Jean Rollin movies and my first viewing of My Bloody Valentine. Bring it on!!!


Don’t know if The Lighthouse is technically a horror film but looking forward to finally seeing it in the next few days!

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Let us know what you think after you’ve seen it. Spoiler alert: it’s been a long time since I disliked a film as much as I disliked this. Mind you, everyone else seems to love it, so what do I know?

Today’s Time Out liked it:

My sister saw it last year and enjoyed it, but she likes loads of rubbish films tbh tbf…

I had fully expected to love it but it just did nothing for me. Felt like it was barely even horror.

Saw The Lighthouse yesterday, loved it. :man_shrugging:

Had slight elements of horror, but wouldn’t describe it as a straight up horror film. Dark psychological madness. I would definitely recommend checking it out. Liking Robert Eggers first two films. But that’s just me.

Hoping to check The Lighthouse in about a week. May watch The VVitch again in prep

not strictly a horror film but I’m very hyped for The Parapod Movie - based on one of my all-time favourite 'casts

I’m going to a screening soon! With a Q&A with Ian and Barry afterwards. Might ask Barry how much an airport costs.

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same! going to the brum one

Bristol for me, very excited even if I do have to go to the strange posh cinema on Whiteladies Road.