Do you like scary movies? The rolling horror thread 2020

Aww :frowning:

Saw Re-Animator in a cinema (remember those) a few weeks ago, and From Beyond last year. Both such visceral treats.


That’s really sad, I hadn’t heard about this until reading your post below. It’s weird, because just the other day I dug out my copy of The Lurker in the Lobby, a really cool book all about Lovecraftian cinema. I got this at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in
Portland, Oregon a good few years back. Stuart Gordon was there and signed the book for me - I remember him being a lovely bloke, very friendly and generous with his time. He was showing his move Dagon there, which is definitely worth seeing if you don’t know

In other news, hope all is well with folk on the horror board here and all at DiS in general.

If 30 years of watching apocalypse themed cinema prepared me for anything it’s times like these tbh tbf :+1:


This is very sad. One of my favourite schlockmeisters.

Robot Jox was one of my favourites as a kid. A cheesy delight.

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Right on! I’ve been taking solace in old Euro-horror movies like The Ghost Galleon last week and Fascination a couple of nights back. The first one I’d seen before and was about as slow as I remember it being. The second is a Jean Rollin movie I’ve been meaning to see for years; wasn’t quite as good as I’d expected but there was still a lot to love.

Keep on keeping on!


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^Those posters are amazing :+1:

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Watched Hell House LLC last night

That thing similar to Paranormal Activity, in that each night it gets a little bit worse/more intense that the last. One bit was really fuckin horrible.

The ending was a bit weak but otherwise a decent, scary scary film

Yeah good one this. Havent checked out the sequels though

The bit with the girl sitting on the floor while Paul was sleeping


found footage gets shit on a lot but even bad ones I find more effective than most other stuff

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watched The Texas Chain Saw Massacre for the first time today and to be honest, I just found it quite annoying. maybe it just hasn’t aged very well.

also watched The Platform this week on Netflix which was fun in a Cube, high-concept kind of way, but it clearly had no idea how it was going to end. worth a watch though.


I still really like TCM, although it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. I feel like ever since finding out that Tobe Hooper thought he was making a really dark comedy, that’s definitely affected the way I see it. There are so many bits in it that I love including the sack sequence and the bit where Jim Siedow’s character is berating Leatherface for the damage he’s done to the door. And that finally dinner sequence always gets to me…