do you like your accent & other questions

to comeeeeeeeeee

Don’t have one


everyone has an accent


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No accent 'ere, my lovely, I just say words reet proper.


yeah I don’t have an accent either. We don’t have accents in Northamptonshire

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I like my professional work voice.

I also like my DiS DnD Discord voice.

Yeah, I do. But only because I live in southern England where you all sound absolutely fucking ridiculous and I sound great by comparison.


I wonder what the generic south england accent sounds like to a scottish person, probably like really flat and depressing

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Everyone has an accent, mine is alright, generic soft spoken londoner


Flattened North East.

People can’t work out if I’m scouse, Welsh or other.

The vowel sounds are weird, as are extra "r"s on the end of thing. Or missing the ends of words. “Bra” sounds like “brar”. “Draw” and “drawer” sound the same. Stronger variants on it are really grating to my ears, it’s like braying.

everyone I have heard speak on DiS has a super posh accent

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Never used to like it, but have gotten so used to hearing my recorded voice that it no longer makes me flinch like it used to. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Most people have no idea I’m Welsh anymore, and somehow I picked up some Australian while I was there so at this point it’s a bit of a weird mismatch. No way I’m going to incorporate any Dutch though.

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yeah it is all in the aaaarrr isn’t it! and using f instead of th, fink, think etc

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Colonisation? Being patronised?


it’s just interesting to think like does everyone’s “home” accent elicit a similar response or does your taste for accents depend on where you are from initially?

Makes me fancy any northerner I hear speak, tbh. Sweet relief!

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people with good accents are intimidating to me, it’s a lot to live up to when you don’t have an accent

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was a proper countryside posh twat when I moved to London at 18, now I speak less formally cos I’m so used to talking to different people

whereas my sister went straight from uni in to a grad scheme also full of posh people so she sounds really quite different to me

my accent is a disaster. grew up being like proper common hampshire, then got a bit posh for no real reason, then lived in the midlands for a chunk which changed it, now live in london which has changed it a bit. got loads of family from essex so go a little bit essex sometimes. people occasionally ask if i’m australian. sometimes use american english because the tv is from the US. fucking horrorshow. wish i could reset it somehow.