Do you like your name?


I think I do!


mine that is not yours


don’t dislike yours btw


maybe it’s great!


Just coming!


really like that I have the letter L in my name, I think it’s a beautiful letter and softens me


Real life name or username?


real one please bob


Without it you’d be tough as a nickel


ah! that’s class!


whoa how did you know my real name Alan?


My first name, yes. Jack.

Good name innit.

Good for a baby
Good for a child
Good for a man
Good for an old fella

It’s a good name



Jack makes me think you are strong and full of energy, it’s a spiky name


I am neither, but I like that it creates that illusion


Don’t really like my real name. Think it’s the name of a 45 year old second hand caravan salesperson from Northampton


No, I struggle with my first name as I can’t always say the combination of letters properly which mean people mishear me and think I’m called all sorts. Surname is Scottish and can be spelt three ways so I have no hope of non Scots having a clue how to spell it.

I’d like a nice simple name please.


Northampton coming up a lot on the boards today


I really don’t like saying my name out loud feels really embarrassing


people can just call me Big C or Crazy C if they like


Yeah, I’m happy with mine. It’s a sort-of everyman name