Do you like your name?


Yeah great film. The Hollywood remake will probs be shit though.


I love Alex for a girls name.


Didnt like mine much either when i was a kid but i like it a lot now. It is a traditional somali name in a time where mostly arabic names are chosen for kids which is cool (tbh even 3/6 of my family have arabic names including both my parents)


aaah that’s nice!



I like my name more since finding out that all the kids when i was younger who said that alex is a boys’ name were wrong - it was first used to refer to the goddess hera so it’s a women’s name and alexandra predates alexander.


My surname isn’t shit or welsh but also rhymes with poo!


yeah I think I have quite a nice name tbh

don’t care what anyone else thinks about it


Omg! Name soulmates <3
Didn’t know about the goddess thing but sounds about right imo :sunglasses:
I knew it was Greek and meant protector of mankind or something??
This has excited me so much, fellow Alex!


yes, protector of men, referring to hera protecting soldiers in battle. it’s inaccurate for me because i don’t protect any men. sorry dudes, you’re on your own.


of course


My first name feels weird being my first name. When coupled with my old surname it’s very similar or the same as a member of the Bluetones, a member of Joy Division, Stevie Wonder, a guardian reporter and lots of other people. It’s quite common, but now, or at least when i get it changed officially, I’m going to have a lot less common a name and one i love, because we made our name up, the easy way. My middle names make me giggle because they essentially make a statement about my inevitably good rodding, whatever that means.


your posts are always a delight




It wasn’t all that easy tbh, what with the disowning and all :frowning:
But yeah. I love our name too even though it is kind of silly sounding.


what a great couple!


I do not like my Christian name that much. I do like my surname. My surname is the kind of name that people naturally call me rather than my Christian name, without prompting. This has always happened so I identify myself more with my surname. I once told my mum I wasn’t that keen on my Christian name. Bad move.


I have a different facebook name as people who liked my freelance stuff would always hunt me out and try and add me rather than just liking my page. So now I’m on there as Riva Irwell - like the River Irwell that borders Manchester and Salford, and people seem to think that’s genuinely my name.


Hate my first name for me. Doesn’t feel like my name in any form long or short.


I get this sudden realisation sometimes like shit why is that my name?!


Yeah, my name doesn’t feel like me either.

I’d like something more androgynous.

(I quite like giving people a false name when I’m pretty sure I won’t ever see them again, like in a hotel bar on holiday or something, is that weird?)


Never done this but I bet it feels quite liberating