Do you like your name?


I highly recommend it.


I find it very hard to lie, have to find some way of technically being truthful


was known as TJ up until about 7 or 8 (My first and middle names are Tom Jorge) but for some reason that stopped, and I’m now just ‘Tom’.

really bitter about it. coulda been a TJ.




Te Jota?


why do j middle initials get that sort of thing and no others

I’d have been BA



I used to live with a JP.


I knew a DJ. He was actually DG but people Calle him DJ for some reason


this kind of translates as ‘I J you?’ :smiley: are you threatening me!?!


oh I know a jp as well actually. Jon Paul



Would you be Tee Jay even in Spain, or Tay Jota, is what I was getting at? Do Spanish people have initials as names like that?


Cos like you teej people for a living :smiley:


its war.

nah. middle names don’t really exist here. here people refer to me as Tom Jorge a bit like Juan Carlos, assuming both names are my first name. happened today during my driving test actually.


I was grateful for your name a few months ago, as I was working with someone with the same name and was able to (I think) correctly pronounce it


Teej me teej me teej me teej me babyyyy
Til I lose control


I know a John Paul that calls himself Jip


Sorry profk


well that’s just silly rich


Srs, thought his name was jip for years until I saw his contract at work and saw he was a John Paul


It’s ok but i don’t know if I should go by the short young exciting USA version or the mature and gentle longer version