Do you like your name?



today I introduced myself to someone on the phone and they repeatedly said it back to me wrong

were you saying the O?


Sort of like ka-TREE-na but with a softer ‘a’ sound

Definitely not CA-tree-OHH-na which you must get all the time


Call me Inga Meyer from now on.

Heard that in some Scandi drama a while ago, that’ll do.


i wish i had something to name




Sounds like an alpine skiers name


I’ll learn to ski, I can pull this off goddamit


That’s a fantastic name, Inga


I worked with an Inga once. Quite bossy


Yeah, that’s why I like it. Sounds like she’d take no shit.


no I’m thinking of someone else sorry, she was really nice actually


yep I’ll accept that

I will also actually accept the ‘O’ being pronounced but without the stress

so kah-TREE-oh-nah


I want a northern European name too now


How about Kjetil?


Johanna with a soft j sound and pronouncing the h is my favourite name


my bff is called Ida and she’d been letting everyone pronounce it EYE-dah for years, and even introducing herself as that to English speaking people

then she decided to go back to the correct pronunciation EE-dah and I find it SO HARD to remember to say it properly cause I always knew her by the way she introduced it to me


I’d like a name I know how to pronounce. Would be a crap undercover agent if I couldn’t pronounce my own name :smiley:


All my rats have had n.e names, in fact even my daughter has but quite by coincidence as I didn’t realise when I chose it.


Is name dysphoria a thing? I really feel ill at ease with mine. I guess I could change it, but I don’t think I’d like anything.


This is why my plan for everyone to change names on every birthday would work so well. No real commitment necessary.