Do you like your name?


we had a girl in our school called Johanna that was pronounced that way, like the Bob Dylan song

unfortunately her surname was Naylor so people pronounced it like D’you wanna


Might go with the Scandinavian theme and start spelling my name Tymm.


wait that’s a hard J nm


I went to school with a Steph Mycock, that was the most unfortunate school name I ever encountered.


What should my next name be? I’ll let you choose.


Yeah I’m fine with it. It’s one that’s not too popular and not too niche. Happy medium. Although, once some one asked me what it’s short for and i was like…wtf it’s a normal name that is in no way a derivative of another


Don’t know about that…


If i ever have a little girl I’m gonna call her Molly aww


oh yeah we had a big boss at the logistics place I worked called Chris Peacock, didn’t twig for aaaages cos nobody made fun of it


Hmm, I’ll rename everyone in the selfie thread tomorrow! :slight_smile:


“I enjoy the strategic side of managing our organisation, in particular working on our sales development and new contract wins.” fucking hell people like this


so proud to be a fuckup for life


Mine feels kind of stuck up. Do not like it at all.

Give me a boring name like James. My brother’s called Anthony which is a good one I reckon.


You look a lot like a James actually.


I was gonna say James! But then I was like hmm that’s such a boring thing to want to be. A James.

Oh wait have i got amnesia??? I literally did say that

So weird!


that would be a good thread…submit a pic and people tell you what name you should have


Haha I had to check with Mrs CCB as she went to church with a Chris Peacock when she was younger. Different person (raised in Somerset not Devon) though.

There were best friends in my school called [actually I’m deleting in case they Google themselves]. The latter name isn’t rude but is just kind of absurd


No, it’s cool. Timeless.


probably would suck actually but I would enjoy it