Do you like your name?


do you still think of Chilly Ron Carney from time to time Scout?


Not as much as me

I mean, I think of Ron Carney more than Scout. Not that she thinks of me more than Ron Carney :smiley:



I haven’t for a long time but that just made me chuckle


reckon about twice a year I’ll have a chuckle about that so thanks for the good times :slight_smile:


Wanna change my surname as well. What should I change it to?


Might change it by deed poll to Garage Band


How are you pronouncing this?


Scouse inflection


Decent option


mum told me this morning she dreamt she was trying to find someone called Wesley Stepwith-Stoppard. Wonder if that’s a real person


in drive your plow over the bones of the dead there’s this chapter about how names are bollocks & you should give everyone you meet a new name that suits them, and it’s really beautiful bit of writing

I keep recommending this book all the time but it’s because it’s great and people should read it.




oh yeah she used to like that show I wonder if that’s why


fucking hell though fake british posh people are the worst


enough of them in the real world no need for more


A cafe I go to has this as their book club choice this week, never heard of it before.

Well on board with this naming idea. I’ve done this with people I’ve met whilst I’ve been very drunk, there’s a large swathe of my Spanish friends who I’ve renamed and now I actually struggle to remember their real names as I did such a good job of finding a name to suit them.

I wonder if naming people could be my job somehow?


As an aside the original character names in Coronation Street are taken from gravestones in Southern Cemetery.


woah that’s grim but kinda fun


It was to help stick with common names that have cropped up in the area over the years, and keep it authentic, I guess it was harder to find this sort of thing out pre-internet.

EDIT: I put ‘arised’ in the original post, lol. Bedtime.


I like Alex as it ends in an X, the coolest letter