Do you like your name?


Didn’t realise you were Welsh


Dont know what you.mean…


Name thief


it’s alright like but people struggle over the one silent letter far more than they should (mainly english people). amazes me how bad people can be at repeating back a two syllable word you’ve just told them.

“ooh it doesn’t sound how it looks!” yeah that’s cos it’s in a different language, Carol.

i reckon if i had a generic easy name i’d maybe be a 5% more confident person.


there must be so many names I have no idea how to pronounce.

Is it rude to ask people how to pronounce their name?

I just usually say “hi!” and avoid any names wherever possible


prefer this to bad guesswork

mine looks like it should be easy, tbf, but then i’m left with the absolute horror of having to correct them. often just let people say it wrong forever, and hope that they eventually pick up on hearing other people say it correctly (they usually don’t)


not sure how I would feel really as I don’t think people get it wrong often/ever but I think I’d try to think people are just trying their best. People have got my surname wrong a lot of times, doesn’t really bother me


my friends ex boyfriend was called cathal and after going out for months she still couldn’t pronounce it right. said cu- HARL I think. was very funny.

pretty fascinating that you can have things repeated over and over again and some people’s brains can’t differentiate. I’m like that with some polish names that have the weird djzr sounds. brain just rejects them.


How do you pronounce it?


hi this is my name (but i don’t think i went out with your friend)


My mum is Scottish and had the first name Joan (she’s changed it a couple of times since then) when she moved down to the south of England. Said that pretty much whenever she told people her name was Joan they’d respond with, “John?!”

I hated my name @Bamnan when I was a kid and had a different name until A-Level. I think I hated it mainly because my granny used to call me ‘Theodore’ in a very authoritarian way and no one else ever did so it sort of became a sticking point.


Isn’t your name proper trendy now?


it’s a great name. Never met a Theo before so I’ll always remember you :heart:


oh weird, I wonder if I knew that subconsciously and that’s what brought it to mind.

I’m sure it wasn’t yourself, he was a pretty unpleasant guy.


basically just a silent T, so it’s a H sound, not a TH sound. emphasis on the first syllable as you’d expect. should be pretty easy, and yet i would have english people on the phone at work repeating it back to me as per @tricklenipple’s example above.


I dunno.

When I was in school the Cosby Show was becoming massive so Theo became a bit of an odd name for a white boy to have. But it does seem like it’s just a name now. I don’t recall any trendy Theos. No one ever comments on it here.


I have still never really mastered pronouncing my colleague Muireann’s name. And we’ve worked together for over 15 years. That said, I get marks for trying unlike all the “Meyooreannes” that she gets from the ageing white men.


i get a bit fed up being asked how to pronounce my surname but that’s because i get asked whenever anyone sees it, regardless of whether they have any need to use it or whether they’re ever going to meet me again, and it’s accompanied by a conversation about whether i’m foreign and if so what kind. if i only got asked by people who needed to know and would make at least some effort to retain the information it would be ok.


yeah that sounds exhausting


aye the reason i have a lot of resentment over name stuff is cos of how much time i spent in call centres having to repeat my name over and over again for customers when it didn’t matter to them how my name was pronounced whatsoever. surprisingly difficulty to usher them off the subject of my name and onto whatever the fuck they were actually calling for.