Do you like your name?


Did you never consider using a fake name for work? I use Smith as a surname for taxis and takeaways.


considered it, using my middle name or something, but probably would have had to discuss it with my manager given how calls were recorded and monitored and stuff. just never got round to it really.

i just avoid mentioning my name on phonecalls in my current office job cos i don’t have any sort of script to follow. only get asked it occasionally and usually have to spell it but haven’t had the same level of hassle. also helps that i’m not incredibly miserable all day long in this job too i guess.


this is all food for thought. Never really considered the hassle of having an uncommon name


when i was a kid i was upset that my brothers’ middle names all happened to be the same as names of Thomas the Tank Engine characters and mine wasn’t so i sulked and insisted i was changing my middle name to Thomas. can’t remember how long i kept that up.


check mr white male privilege over here…can’t even imagine how exhausting it would be to have to clarify your name a lot to people let alone other much worse and more exhausting forms of prejudice.


Ever given a false name just for the thrill of it?

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no but i went bowling the other night and when the guy was programming in all the names my friend told him my name was Stephen for some reason. all the other names were correct.


should point out i am very much a privileged white male, just with an Irish name


I have a boring name, sometimes I like to mix it up a bit.


See I’ve thought about doing this but then I always imagine the other person would clock the uncertainty in my voice and raise their eyebrow saying “…and your real name, please”.


I just do it with delivery people at work mainly, safe in the knowledge that they really don’t care.


Did this a few times with some friends i used to go to clubs with. We came up with the idea of having fake names that we’d give if a bloke we weren’t interested in started a conversation, as a signal to the others to keep an eye on the situation

(I think we forgot about it quite quickly)


When you get through to someone in a call centre with a strong Indian accent and they tell you their name is something incredibly normal English I always feel really awful about how racist my country is TBH. I mean I suppose it’s possible it’s actually their real name but as I work with hundreds of Indian developers and none of them have English first names* it seems unlikely.

(That said, I understand from TEFL mates in China that their students all gave themselves English names they liked so maybe these names have been chosen by the people working these call centres and they very much want to use them.)

*: A few have English last names though and apparently this is due to them being Christians.


If you want to get into our office building outside normal hours you have to sign a register and put your name down. I always write the name of a famous Dutch footballer (Dennis Bergkamp, Marco Van Basten, Ronald Koeman, etc) on the sheet. Been doing this for years. No one has ever pulled me up on it, obviously.


Absolutely one of my favourite names that. Can see how it would be fucking impossible to pronounce for a non-Irish person though.


Can’t stop thinking about that last name you redacted and saying it as the words to the Making Bacon Pancakes Adventure Time song.


plz vocaroo all the Irish names kg


I will attempt to do something at lunchtime!

EDIT: After the weekend actually. I’ll try and do a video.




Haha! “N*than pancakes, N*than B*con pancakes, N*than B*con and you put him in a pancake!”