Do you like your name?


Irish spelling is a code designed to confuse the English - make the occupying forces spend ten minutes reading every road sign to slow them down


You should listen back to the show the Disintegration State lot and I are on in Ireland! Cian only speaks in Irish and I’d say it’s utterly incomprehensible to everyone on the label bar me.


it’s a pretty solid name. i don’t like having an alliterative full name tho. MMM. no good!


not utterly! I heard my name on there once :blush:


not really. Good name for a child. Too warm and friendly for an adult. Am trying to go fullname and not the shortened form to instill a bit more stuffiness to my persona


adults can be warm and friendly too! In fact I would encourage it




No. My first name is boring. My surname is uncommon, which would be good except that so many people can’t figure out how to spell it.


Do you like your name?

Yes, Brock is a really nice name


what false name do you use? well into this.


It varies.

I like Mona, I think I’ve used Leda (pronounced lay-duh), April, and I’ve written under the name Wren Wilding, which I really fucking wish was my actual name.


I don’t mind Phillip at all but prefer Pip, it’s shorter and more aerodynamic and doesn’t denote a specific gender. It’s fun to say too.


Pip’s a good name!


tbf they just changed all the place names to new ones instead


I’d love an alliterative name. Naturally musical.


when i was younger i wanted my nickname to be triple M and then it would hopefully shorten, to “trips”, which sounds cool like a drug dealer name. but unfortunately that never happened.


I will start calling you that, trips.


this actually means a lot.


Still annoyed that the Grand Parade in Cork isn’t known by its Irish name, Sráid an Chapaill Bhuí (Street of the Yellow Horse).


wren wilding is a mint name. does it vary depending on what mood youre in when they ask, like im feeling pretty mona today or today is a very leda day