Do you like your name?

glad I didn’t get a really cool name because I feel as if I’m punching above my weight so to speak

Which title should the @moderators give bambam?

  • Big C
  • Crazy C

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I’m not sure. I’ve fluctuated between Ant, Anthony and Tony.

As a young kid, it was always Ant from friends, Anthony from mum and Tony by Dad.
Then secondary school it was Tony or Tone and stayed that way for years. Until around 5 years ago when I was asked by someone what I preferred, I said Anthony and it’s kind of stuck again.

I should change my user name to ynohtna


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good

yeah I find mine really endearing


Used to. Don’t anymore.

I’d like to change names every birthday. Everyone has to, not just me.


I quite like Big C but it’s got associations with “the Big C”

it’s a good name you’ve got lots of options

your name is…


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The name I use these days is a shortened version of a longer name I haven’t been called since I was really young. My work took my full name and have run with it since I started, so I’ve had to get used to a name I haven’t been called since I was a child. It was quite disorientating at first but I’m getting used to and kinda liking it now.

Bam hard taco


My name is just fine! What isn’t fine is that my mother gave my little sister the same initials. As we have always been similar in build and height, I invite you to imagine the level of fights that occurred over clothing.

Have gone by a very popular shortening of my first name since I could learn to say and spell my own name but recently I’ve been using my full bisyllabic first name with srs bsnss clients and it feels kinda nice?

BHT in the hoooouuuuse!

*da house!

My name is fine. Wouldn’t have minded an Irish name so I could actually say my name in Irish but fuck it, it is what it is.


you go by any abbreviations?

Yeah I can see why Jez doesn’t work with clients

My nickname since a teenager has been Mr.K! A lot of times people just refer to me as K these days.