Do you like your name?


shut up graham


All the Tims in my life have had some kind of big impact on me, of varying pleasantness.


I think Graham or Gareth (shortened to Gaz) is the most Northampton name


I was a very skinny kid and was called Bony Tony.


i would go as far as saying that Rob is a pretty, PRETTY, nothingy name.


sorry you were picked on like that but that’s got a certain ring to it


Y’nob, Ynot


Yeah I think it’s lovely and I like the shortened version too.
People often change the E to an A though which winds me up.


Can be a bob though? or a Robbie? Robo-Rob. Rob the robot. Row-boat!

Loads of good nicknames


lovely to meet you tweterina




We’re big impact kind of people!


I 'ardly knew her!


Can be a bob though? not till 50
or a Robbie? die
Robo-Rob. hmm
Rob the robot. yes okay
Row-boat! only my mother calls me row boat


Yes, both long and shortened versions.

However, I very much do not like it when people use the wrong shortened version. It’s an extra syllable over my chosen shortened version FFS, I’m trying to help out by having a monosyllabic name!!

Also my shortened version is awesome for stupid jokes and nicknames. I often introduce myself to new people as “Jen, like genitals but with a J” which helps them remember it, and my nickname at school (among friends) was Jen der Bende and we had a whole theme tune for me and everything.


Wait, the A To an E!
Bloody hell even I can’t get it right.
My name ends with an A


Mr. Robust?


Love that show.


i am by various friends called