Do you like your name?


what about Rrrrrr like a purring noise?


i would be okay with this yes


Always accompanied by a single raised eyebrow


what about like roooobe! Like saying Rob in a really posh silly voice


so much you can do with the name Rob


I’ve got a few friends who call me Bob. A dickhead manager at work years ago tried to call me it to try and get a rise out of me, but I turned it round and just accepted it, and it stuck with once little social circle.

I’m pretty happy with Rob. It’s not a name that feels like it’s desperately out of fashion or dated. You’re right though - it’s not a name that screams from the rooftops - but I’m happy to let people judge me on what I do rather than what I’m called.


Only if you play your cards right


Mix it up man; Bobert.


and you’re part of Jen Z! Or is it millennial? I forget


yeah i have a few pals who call me bobert but more like (john wayne) bobbett pronunciation


which names would you scream from a roof


I’m a Miljenial! Gen Z are about 5 years younger than me and are obsessed with YouTube basically




Even better:


Is he the :eggplant: :scissors: guy?







I’m only interested in rooves


and i’ve… had… the Tim of my life…