Do you like your name?



what’s the best word that exists within your full name?

mine’s muel


Nah. It was my name on Facebook semi-ironically but I have always hated actually being called it. Ant for my youth, adult rebrand to Tony. Either is fine.


good question

probably ammo


can I steal this please? :slight_smile:


i think i made your last avatar too


Slim pickings here shrewbs, either vid, jam or son.


muel isn’t actually a word so don’t worry


yeah you’re great! :slight_smile:


thanks btw


You most certainly have not! Yet.






‘Ack! Stew!’

Really like imagining a big Scottish bloke saying this, banging his cutlery on the table.


Don’t like mine. Don’t particularly like the way I pronounce it. Doesn’t go too well with my surname either. Also, there was pretty much only 1 public figure with this name when I was growing up, and he was on telly every day. And he was this guy.

So primary school was fun.


DW seemed like a good egg


My name is a word in the dictionary.



Actually mine is probably Tim, in a Celtic sense. When I ran a Celtic supporting Irish pub I got a lot of drinks bought for me during Old Firm games.




Mr Molimo to you.