Do you like your name?


Nah that was fine. I also got “Pony Tony” when I played a bad game of football. But that was fair.


No bother Mr ‘wooden trumpet used by Mbuti pygmies’


Those pygmies sure can trump.


Big wind for wee lads.
Fair play.




My mother briefly considered calling me Cosmo. I often think how different my life would be if she hadnt been talked out of it.


I know a lad whose surname is actually Brolly. One of the soundest chaps you’d ever meet.


Alex. Fine, I s’pose. Used to always want a more exciting/prettier name, but Alex suits me I reckon.
Alexandra doesn’t suit me and I never get called it in fun circumstances
You absolutely cannot call me Al
Surname is shit and welsh and rhymes with poo


Think Alex is a lovely name. Every girl Alex I’ve met has been pretty cool so maybe that biases me


FAO: @paulsimon


Thanks Bam :blush:


I think your name suits you perfectly but I don’t really know why!


Also talking of names did you see my post the other night about my email account? :joy:


No?! :smiley: can you link me plz?


Ignore the first bit!


Omg yesssss! :egg: :hocho:


Yeah, it’s good.


not so much


Might make use of that YouTube account for some egg-based hilarity.


i love you, outdoor jacuzzis