Do you like your name?

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I like mine, it’s pretty.


I like my first name. Despise my second so much


spoiled because sadness

I just associate all kinds of internalised nastiness from other people with my names.

stuff from secondary school with my last name, and recent people I loved who turned on me with my first

I felt okay about my first up until last year. also briefly felt less bad about my last name.


Yep. Absolute peak time to be a Gareth, ngl, but I’ve always liked it.




My name is basic but I have grown quite attached to it

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Hated it as a child, wanted to be called Sarah. As a teen nobody could pronounce it so ended up going by a shorter version. As an adult I moved somewhere where it is slightly more familiar (my name is welsh and lots of people where I live now grew up having holidays in wales) and have even worked with a few people with the same name which was nice given it’s not common.

Despite all that, gave both my kids names with difficult spellings and pronunciations. It’s character building :grimacing:


The name itself is fine but people get it wrong a lot and I hate having to correct them which adds an extra layer of stress to some social / work situations that I could really do without.


Happy enough with my surname.

Full name feels very distinctive which can be handy for being noticed and not being mixed up with others etc, but bad for times when you fancy being a bit more anonymous

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Yes it’s great. Can’t nobody else stand up in class and answer when they call out my name.

Yeah. Wasn’t into it as a kid because I associated it with my granny telling me what I should be doing. I didn’t really fulfil her ideas of what a child should be like.

But it’s decent.

I was glad I wasn’t called Daniel. There were 4 in our class all called ‘Danny’. Nuts

First is a fairly common 10 letter name that was a bastard to learn how to spell when I was a tiny. It’s ok, but I know a lot of people who also have it.
Second is an old English/Celtic origin name that no one else can spell without instruction and frequently gets mispronounced. It’s pretty unusual but I can’t say I’m overly fond of it.

Its a name that is space themed and traditional, and I like it now but hated it when I was younger because nobody could say it properly, including me, my siblings and I can’t even say it the proper way and never could, and relax one of the vowels slightly and it sounds more natural. My surname is interesting, its a pre-Islamic one that means priest. Together, my name is pretty strong and striking, but very unique which means I struggle with anonymity. Sometimes I use my mum’s surname which makes my name a lot more anonymous and it sounds cuter too, so overall I have got choices and while my name does inconvenience me at times, I like it.

Interesting to note, 2/3 of my siblings have traditional, uncommon names and were teased at school or have to always spell their name/correct people, but the youngest has a common name found across many races and and faiths, but he had a hard time at school when people would be like “why is that your name” and he had to explain that its the first man, which is the same across all Abrahamic religions. He used to wish he was just called Mohamed or something so people left him alone


Forename: Ok, has too many shortened varieties and i dont really mind what people call me so have different groups of friends call me different versions

Surname: Dont really like it, as its a commonplace word but not that common as a surname, and often people think im saying different more common surnames.

Hate it. Really boring.

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Almost feel like it’s not my name sometimes. Don’t feel attached to it at all. Also has the annoying thing of being pretty uncommon while I’m really shit with names so everyone remembers mine and I really struggle with other people’s, which can be embarrassing


First name is super boring and banal

Second name is idiosyncratic as fuck, no one in this country can spell or say it.

Feel like there must be a middle ground between these two extremes but then neither of my kids go by the names we picked for them at birth so clearly I’m not a name giving expert.

Yeah I feel like this in terms of it not really feeling like my name. I don’t even like the way I pronounce it and if i have to introduce myself I hate saying it outloud, but the name itself is fine and I like it on other people.

Almost everyone I know calls me by my surname instead, even some old bosses did, which is strange. Usually if someone says my first name its because they’re calling me by my first and second name, it’s like no one thinks it suits me, including me.

Have wanted to change it for years but idk, I’m not confident enough to tell people to call me by a new name, feels a very bold announcement.

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My full name - first middle and last - is quite good but long.

My surname is slightly unusual but rhymes with some well known surnames, and people fuck it up all the time. Eg if it was Janson, they accidentally call me Janet a lot as a first name, or say it as Jackson. I recently couldn’t get into a work system because my surname had been misspelled and I’ve verbally been introduced in meetings as a totally different surname with the same first syllable. Classic to have it misspelled in any kind of work listing eg sweepstakes. It’s not a “weird” name, I would say the made up version is weirder, but seems like people are either too lazy or their brains just can’t take it in. It’s a chronic thing in a work/HR environment, find it really annoying.

Gonna change it later this year to a 4 letter one, that’ll learn em.

Mine’s a slightly less common spelling of a common name, quite like it. Surname is a goodun (my username), overall quite a good combo I reckon.