Do you like your name?

I’m a big fan of my name. Lots of versatility in my first name, and a surname that people have told me they like (to the extent that my ex kept it rather than reverting back to her maiden name when we divorced).

I’m aware of the privilege though - I’ve had a much easier life as a result of having such a straightforward name

Yeah my family call me Tommy, couldn’t ask for a better name tbf

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Name a better name than my name.

  • Paul McCartney
  • Stanley Matthews

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Both my names are short (7 letters in total for first and surname)

I don’t mind it but I used to hate and ask to change my first name - which upset my mum.
I dunno why, it’s a pretty normal name and although it was less common when I was a kid it’s fairly popular now

I don’t really like my first name much, but for my whole life everyone’s used my middle name, which I do like. However I don’t relish the ballache that using your middle name causes in many situations. About the only plus is that if I get post addressed to me by my first name I’m prewarned that the sender doesn’t know me.

My surname is fine, but people find it hard to spell correctly, which is annoying, and bizarrely after several decades of having it I still routinely stumble over saying it out loud myself. It also has in recent years become associated with some quite newsworthy and unusual deaths, which is… a thing I guess.

So it’s a 6/10 for me Clive.

First name - Meh. If I’d had the wherewithall probably would have gone by my middle name (used it to name my son instead).

Surname - much more affective. For many years was what everybody called me to the point where I usually just introduced myself with it. I had a friend who knew me for three years thinking it was my first name until he was in the same room as my brother.

not really a fan of mine tbh.

no-one ever calls me by my full first name apart from like at the doctor’s or whatever, but then the abbreviated form isn’t amazing, rhymes with stuff for easy insults so that was helpful at school.

middle names are fine in theory but they’re literally my dad’s names so… yeah.

surname is OK but gets misspelt all the time, it’s got Irish origins which makes sense as so does half my family, but it’s not really a difficult or complicated name at all, yet I’ve had all sorts of incorrect versions so obviously it must be :man_shrugging:

No absolutely HATE my first name. It’s just so fucking nothing-y.

Mum told me that my dad got to choose my name and decided to name me after his boss’s son! How on earth can anyone respect and give any value whatsoever to that? Honestly, what a dick move.
I really don’t associate myself with it. Everyone calls me it now whereas before I always had various nicknames. Shite.

Last name is pretty common but quite cool I suppose, though it is often misspelled


Generally known by

  • Full given first name
  • Shortened version of given first name
  • A changed/chosen first name
  • Surname
  • Middle name
  • Nickname that has no relation to your given name
  • Something else?

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Harsh burn

I’d actually come here to post that I don’t like my name because it is a middle-aged bus driver’s name and is so far from being cool that I always went by nicknames in school.

I’ve since made peace with it through living in Scotland and I’ve met a few Keiths in their twenties and once had a student who had the name tattooed on her forearm so it feels a bit more normal. Most of the Keiths I meet are in their fifties though.

My surname is quite straightforward but has a few vowels that can be pronounced like other vowels and occasionally gets misspelled. The Scottish version is spelled slightly differently so I often have to specify The English Version if I’m giving an email address for work.


My mum got to choose my brother’s name which is much better than mine but absolutely nobody calls him by it (apart from mum and dad).



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People ive known since School: (Surname)y
People i met after school: (Full first name)

It’s fine :man_shrugging:

Loads of people with it, usually introduce myself as Matthew then it’s up to other people if they call me Matt or not, don’t mind either way. Would be weird to be called Matty though.

Think I know at least 7 other Matts so I’m usually tall Matt (not in a pisstake way) to differentiate

What’s better

  • Full version of my first name
  • Shortened and more commonly used version of my first name

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If you don’t know my name then just guess

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I was Kane for a couple of days, then Hamish for another day.


No way your name is one of the bests

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Had to have a bit of think of what the full version is there.

yep, although tbf most people don’t know it’s an Irish name unless I point it out. vaguely recall reading on one of those surname meanings/origins websites that it’s an anglicised version of an Irish surname, but helpfully not the common version :smiley:

Just reminded me I was in a bakery yesterday and they had a type of bread called Hamish, but i was too scared to ask what made it ‘Hamish’.


Good name imo