Do you like your surname?


I’ve never particularly liked mine, it’s quite uncommon but not particularly attractive or classy. Everyone calls me by my surname rather than my first name. I guess my full name has a fairly nice zing to it, but I’ve just found out that I’m basically named after a cargo ship. Fml.




Punkosaur McBoatface?


It’s fine, I really don’t like my first name though


It’s OK, but because it’s also a common first name I get called by it a lot at work.


Mine’s alright.

Have had to spell it throughout my life but that’s ok.

It has been a source of amusement for others throughout my life also and that’s good by me.


Yeah mine is quite classy.


nah, mine isn’t even a real name


You don’t like something about yourself?


love it. 10/10. makes me sound like a puerto rican baseball pitcher.


I don’t mind it… though it is the same as quite a well known person who did a bit of a bad thing once upon a time. Wouldn’t mind a snazzier first name.






Not really.

It’s a fairly common first name, so it gets used more than my less-common actual first name




Eddie, is that you?


Yup, I like mine. Short, hard to misspell and it’s the root of my nickname.


Ah, well, nobody asked me what I thought. They just hung it on me.


Ends in a Y so couldn’t take the standard school (surname + y) nickname
Always been the only person with that name in a job/class/whatever

Starts and ends with an open vowel sound so only a small number of first names work with it
Two potential spellings so always have to spell it out

overall: 6/10 surname