Do you like...?


  • You’d butter believe it, I do!!
  • No thank you

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  • No, of course not, I’m in the cool gang with Gnometorious
  • Yes, I like eating fungus

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Milk chocolate

  • Duh, I have taste buds
  • Nuh, I am a tory

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Slimey button mushrooms are a bit gross. A lovely meaty shittake (sp?) mushroom is lovely.

(dark chocolate is better though)


YOU’RE a lovely meaty shittake mushroom


Do a poll and find out!

I think butter is my favourite thing on the planet. If I could make anything calorie free it would be butter. I can’t buy it anymore because I’ll eat a pack in a couple of days :slightly_frowning_face:

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  • Dark chocolate is the best one
  • Milk chocolate is the best one
  • White chocolate is an abomination and therefore is not a poll option

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so this is your way of not wasting your day, huh? Very commendable.



  • Yes
  • I don’t like simpsons references because I’m bad

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Pina coladas and dancing in the rain

  • Omg yes hun
  • Prefer an Old Fashioned and a nice sit down inside actually

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Big butts?

  • And I can’t deny
  • You other brothers can’t deny
  • When a friend walks in
  • With an itty bitty waist
  • And a round thing in your face
  • You get sprung

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White chocolate

  • Yum!:blush:
  • Bum :unamused:

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Blue cheese

  • Yes please
  • No thanks!

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There’s room in my heart (and mouth) for all types of chocolate

  • Different chocolate for different needs
  • I’m boring

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You dont like mushrooms!? I thought you were one of the good ones, gnomey


Banana/pineapple fritters from the Chinese takeaway

  • Objectively the best way to consume fruit isn’t it
  • No, I abhor nice things

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I like it cooked into things

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