Do you like...?

Can’t really understand complaints about its texture considering people readily eat things as slimy as seafood. Diff flavours of course.

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et tu, @colossalhorse?

I want bananas off this planet

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  • Pineapple fritter
  • Banana fritter
  • Apple fritter

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Goats cheese

  • Are you KIDding?! I love it
  • Are you KIDding?! It’s rank

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  • I particularly like popping the eyes off

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I’ve never understood the fruit fritter. But then I’ll always choose a non-fruit dessert over any kind of fruit based afters.

Ugh just noticed massive typo

seafood is generally not slimy?

though I also think a nice bit of slime goes down a treat occasionally

really setting myself up here aren’t I


Aye but it’s battered and served in golden syrup ffs. I’ve had healthier bowls of ice cream.

I wouldn’t know. It just seems it from afar. Slippery fish.

White chocolate is the best one

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Just the batter and golden syrup for me, ta. I basically like desserts so sweet and sickly they’re no longer fit for human consumption. I accept that this is because I’m a massive child.

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I like big typos and I cannot lie

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  • SushYES
  • Shush

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on second thought stuff like oysters can be slimy

Bums are really, really great tbf.

Edit - emphasis on GREAT


I think you’d be pleasantly surprised by how sweet a banana fritter is.

I like taking the heads off and using them as grotesque finger puppets :woman_shrugging: