Do you live in an odd or an even number house/flat?

How many houses/different numbers on your street?

  • 0-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-50
  • 51-100
  • 101-250
  • 251+

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I don’t know the answer to this Harru. I’m going to guess.

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How much direction (on average) do you need to give a taxi driver

  • They always know where it is
  • Need to tell them which road it’s off
  • I need to direct them once they’re in the area
  • Something Tory about Uber and satnav

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Where is ‘never got a taxi to my house’?


My London place is number 2, but there’s no longer a number 1???

Edinburgh is 73/1F4 so make of that what you will

in the indie points thread, under the microwave you probably don’t have.

Sadpunk has never gotten a taxi to your house?

No, I always pick him up.

You’re a good friend Lonzo.

I live in an even flat number in a named building which is the odd number on a street .

I had to Google, its over 400!!

He makes me sit in the back, watch a safety video and refer to him as the captain.


The sat nav will take them one way but I need them go to another way which means I’ll be in the taxi for less time and won’t have to cross the road

odd, and number 13 and all. Love living life on the edge me.

Are there still hotels that have 12a in lieu of a 13? There certainly used to be.

Madness went back to the drawing board…

Related info:

On the road I live on, each side of the road has different street names. The other side of the road’s numbering jumps from 24 to 26 - three houses got destroyed by a bomb in WWII, but when it came to rebuilding (which didn’t happen until the 1980s) they built two houses where there were once three.

A typical conversation with a taxi driver:

“OK it’s just over this hill and then it’s the first road on the right.”

“OK that’s fine, just pull over here and we’ll walk.”

Yeah, look at Balonz and his non-existent science oven…