Do you live in an odd or an even number house/flat?


Reckon they’d let you change it to Willy Nilly?


It’s worth a go, certainly.


Think it would have to be ‘Willy Cottage’ or something like that.


You say that like it’s a bad thing!


Also glad to see odd dominating again, the even dickheads were on top for a while.


I don’t think it’s some official name or anything. Just some pricks got a little wooden plaque made and stuck it on the wall…I think


For some reason I find this really disappointing


Even number and one vowel


That adds up to an odd number wr


Reckon I live in the highest number house on here. Definitely the highest prime number

  • I meekly surrender to aggers’ massive and aesthetically pleasing 797
  • My number is a vulgar 798 or above

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No option for anyone who matches your puny 797?



Not telling cos @Scott_Chegg will come round and sniff my washing line or something


If by washing line you mean balls, then sure


I’m down. Mallards’ Point. I’ll be back home about 5.


Odd. 21 to be exact, and there’s no number 13 on my street.

Town planners are a weird, superstitious lot.


very satisfyingly i live at number 111.