Do you live on a street, road, avenue or other?

Inspired by this post:

i currently live on a street, but i grew up on a road. have lived on a few avenues in my time, and once on a drive. and a park if you count the street names in a student village. i have never lived in a gardens but it’s something i would like to experience. i can only dream of living in a mews.

this is really more of a daytime thread but i’ll forget by then. please bump accordingly.

i think i would also like to live on a parade some day.

Could you please make this thread a poll and include terrace in it please.

any others before i do? i don’t want to leave anything out

crescent of course. that sounds fucking dreamy

Live on a road. In chronological order I have lived on:

No suffix

You’re welcome.

I live in a Mews. Have lived in a:

Road x5

quadrant for me, icarus

i hope this covers it

  • road
  • street
  • avenue
  • drive
  • park
  • terrace
  • crescent
  • mount
  • court
  • view
  • grove
  • place
  • walk
  • square
  • mews
  • acres
  • meadows
  • other

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acres, of course. swift edit to the poll.

i’m not including hall or quadrant because those are ridiculous.

I currently live on a place, I grew up outside a village so it was just… house. Other places I’ve lived are…

Hill, road, road, road, terrace, terrace, street, street.

Currently: court.
Formerly: gardens, road (twice), close and street.

There are people living on avenues that are going to pipe up soon. I urge all upstanding citizens to ignore whatever irrelevancies they sully this thread with.

i forgot close, but i’m not really convinced that that exists outside of brookside.

i live on a lane

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nah it’s alright

Currently live on a ‘Gardens’, fucking plebs

Court. Have lived in/on a -town, road, green, Straße, road, road.

somehow left gardens out of the poll despite mentioning it in the OP.

this is a disaster