Do you live where you were born/grew up?

  • Yes and don’t plan on moving
  • Yes but want to move
  • No but live within an hour
  • No but same country
  • No moved country

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Make it public blinko. My spreadsheet needs data to live.


Can’t imagine leaving london tbh, born in east grew up north west, left for a couple of years at uni (warwick so lived in the towns near there) and it was fun as a student but i couldn’t move back

Ish, I lived here when I was a small child but have very vague memories of it, and spent most of my time in the UK. Moved back here (where my dad is from in Spain) a few years ago and don’t see myself moving soon. Was born in the uk tho.



Fucked it. Shut it down boys.

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No. Just over an hour away in an identical cathedral city

My family moved several times when I was a kid so it was basically

0-6 years - edge of Greater London
7-9 years - Wiltshire
9-13 years - Bedfordshire
13-19 years - Lincolnshire

Then Glasgow for Uni plus some time in France.

I’ve been in London for 20+ years now. Not really sure how to answer.

Grew up in the burbs of south west London. Retired to the south coast.

I demand you all keep your data to yourself until we have an appropriate capturing tool available.


It’s going well, we’ve got more layers.


That sublime anxiety when you’re desperately trying to amend the poll and people are waiting


Sort of. I intend to move, but also didn’t move to this area until I was 10. Two of the areas I might move back to are areas I lived when I was young.

Ty ty much appreciated.

I’ve lived in South Wales for most of my life, except Aber for uni and then London for either 6 or 7 years but now in Cardiff - largest city near to my auld Ma because looking after my family is apparently more important than being able to access the DLR.

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Which box for beergate?!

No option for “No but want to return” :upside_down_face:


Yeah but not necessarily out of choice, just circumstances. Definitely want to move to a city at some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future.
Think especially after lockdowns and stuff, being stuck in the same place has started to do a bit of a number on my MH for various reasons.
Still. Mustn’t complain too much really cause it’s a very nice place, I’m just sick to the back teeth of it :smiley: