Do you log all of your physical music on Discogs?

simple question, really.

sure, it’s a laborious task, but let’s say you’ve picked up a nice lp ten years ago and it’s now oop, if some chump broke into your house and nabbed it, you’d only get back what you originally paid for it via insurance…and not what it’s potentially worth now. that’s obviously assuming you keep records of shit like that. maybe you don’t

something to consider?

thoughts welcome

I used to but haven’t done it in ages. Probably got about a hundred records to log now. Probably should so thanks for reminding me!

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Vinyl Yes, anything else no. It’s good to see the value but bad to see the expense.

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I’ve recently started blasting through my CD’s. man, it’s so dull but nice to see some classic cd’s I picked up in the 90’s are going for silly money now. not that I’d sell em though!

Yup all of it, did most of it all about 4 years ago, just add stuff as and when I buy it now

I sold over a thousand cd’s about 6,7 years ago - only a few minor regrets. About 50 sentimentals and the occassional, have to own this, left. kind of like the vinyl only grouping although if there was a way to make 2 completely separate lists I’d do it.

Only if I buy it off Discogs, then I press the little button that allows me to add it. Otherwise no. Nobody wants to steal Jim O’Rourke and Richard Youngs records.

i do on RateYourMusic but not religiously, there’s probably some stuff missing. don’t do it on Discogs.

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No. But I kinda want to.

Side note: I had a pal who was moving abroad and in the process of selling off his drum n bass vinyl via Discogs, record by record. Still had 300-odd 12"s left when he was due to go. So I bought them off him as a job lot for £300, fully intending to get them listed and sold off at a leisurely pace to make a tidy profit in the fullness of time. That was three+ years ago. Haven’t listed a single record yet. :-/

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Yep, was a pain in the arse putting everything on in the first place, but put stuff on as I get it now. Talk to you soon.

Anyone tried the app where you can scan the barcodes to log stuff? If so any good?

I use the Android version, never had any issues scanning with it. Prefer using the full site for going through releases with lots of pressings/versions though.

Only list my vinyl and a few of the rarer/limited bits of my CD collection that I might look to sell. Made a decent profit on a few 7"s that I never listened to anyway.

I add any vinyl as I buy it. Only started buying vinyl records a few years ago and joined discogs around the same time so didn’t have a big backlog to work through or anything.

Vinyl only since my cds collection is composed by more than 400 titles and it would cost me a lot of time to identify the right ones in the huge database

If someone wanna check my collection, my username is Ricky93.

About a year ago I started to get my collection up to date on discogs and its been a boring task, all my 12"/LP/EPs are listed but havent started CDs & 7" yet.

Current total is 4583 records.

Anyone have any interest in setting up a DiS group on Discogs?
Might be a nice way just to share music taste or get info from the DiS hivemind, and of course handy whenever anyone from the boards decides to sell some stuff.

Not that I have my collection logged or have any idea how Discogs groups work.

Wow that’s a hell of a record collection. Are/were you a DJ?

Many years ago I use to dj at and promote house & techno parties but not anymore. So now I play house parties and such. The records I own are house/techno, stoner/doom, punk/rock and disco/pop.

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I’d steal them if you want to.