Do you look like your dog?


If you take these people as a yardstick, being those that are considered to be most like their dogs, then the answer is a definitive no. Maybe you have similar hair but other than that it is a no.


I don’t have a pet but this cat is my doppelgänger


It helps they are all wearing clothes that match their dog.
Me and my dog don’t look a like were just both hansom


what a great article!


I look like my parents a bit


I’m am quite hairy by human standards. My dog is quite hairy by dog standards.

So in conclusion, maybe?


not at all


Look a bit like some dogs


What breed are they?


They are humans


I’d have to say no:


Human raised by humans.


My cat looks a bit like my shadow, in that with a casual glance, she’s a black blob.


Same story on the BBC now


@andyvine to thread.


hi yes i do look like my dog


i think most of the linked ones are quite good right? like not the dalmation, she’s just a lass in a dress. but the rest aren’t too bad. pug is borderline.






that little guy is still one of the best things to happen to life.