Do you look like your parent(s)?


@saps ’ post a few minutes ago reminded me of @shucks ’ holiday snaps, and particularly the picture of him and (presumably?) his dad, both bearded and in bright Hawaiian shirts.

It got me thinking: I wonder if @saps ’ dad is a rugged hunk like his son. And more widely: do you look like your parents?

I bore some resemblance to my mum. She was taller, had similar teeth and mannerisms to me. I bear very little resemblance to my dad, who is about 8 inches shorter than me and is a much stockier build.


No, but I’m told I’m the spitting image of my mum’s brother, who I’ve never met. To the point that I startled my godmother when I hadn’t seen her for a few years because she thought it was (a 30 year younger) him.


Your mum is taller than you?

Aren’t you about 6’7" or something?


a little bit

got my mum’s eyes and facial shape and me and my dad both have broken noses so look similar wonky :smiley:


I mean, taller than average. I am 6’4; she was about 5’8/9 I think


Both my brother and I look more like our grandparents did, rather than our parents, I think.

Get told I look like both of my granddads quite a bit by other relatives.


Ah right. Getcha.


Yep, look like my dad quite a lot apparently


I look a lot like my dad and have the same posture and body language, I have a beard though. Dis reckons I’ve already posted this so I am adding this sentence


I have my dads black hair and dark skin. A lot of people assume I’m either Italian or Spanish.

However my dads 5’8" and quite overweight. I’m 6’3 and am quite skinny although thankfully not as skinny as I used to be.

My mums tall for a woman and she has some very tall brothers. I apparently a look like my mum.

But it’s pretty obvious I have features of both.


yeah i look like my dad and my mum. mostly my dad why?


I look nothing like my Mum, but I can see that I’m looking more like my Dad as I get older.

He has curly hair and no beard. My face is longer I think but I have his nose. (Should I give it back? ahahahhahahaha).


How does he smell??


Like a mixture of grease and groin sweat.


I look like my mum. Powerfully teutonic.


Look a fair bit like my dad, very similar nose, but more hair at the moment. A mate came round a few years ago and saw an old pic of my dad and mum in their 20s and asked who the girl I was with was. My younger brother is the same, but my older brother takes after my mum’s side of the family.

It’s funny having a baby, everyone wants to say who she looks like, but I really don’t think she looks like either of us at the moment. She just looks like a baby.


Mamma mia!


Yep, look loads like my dad. I have better hair and less racism though.


I look quite a lot like my dad who in turn looks like a tubbier Pierce Bronhom so I’m hoping those genes stick. He’s 64 this year and still has a good mop on his head and very few greys.