Do you look like your partner?

I don’t think I look anything like my wife. But I have two friends who have been mistaken for brother and sister because they look quite similar and dress quite similar.

Not in the slightest.


Absolutely not.

I should be so lucky!

She should be so lucky!



You could easily pass for brother and sister. I thought this when you posted it originally. It’s the mouth, I think.

This might have been what I meant. I just don’t know.

No, I look nothing like my girlfriend.

I know two people who have married people who are the spitting image of their sisters.

  • My partner looks like me
  • My partner looks like my mum
  • My partner looks like my dad
  • My partner looks like a different family member (please specify)
  • My partner looks like someone else I’ve met / famous person (please specify)
  • My partner looks nothing like anyone I have ever known
  • I do not have a partner
  • Some other answer (please specify)

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No one wants to hear that!

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Conor McGregor.

Someone once shouted “Conor McGregor” at him.

no - we do not look a like. except that we are both white people

I read that by “looking alike” it’s more subtle things like earlobe length and distance from nose to upper lip and things like that, rather than an immediately obvious resemblance.

So you’re all going to need to get the tape measure out before answering.

No. He has a small head and small features and I have a big head with big features.

He’s ginger tho and my hair sometimes fades out to a gingery colour so people think we’re both ginger. They also think we’re the same age despite him being 8 years older than me. Not sure who they’re insulting or complimenting.

We both wear black framed glasses.


Think that’s about it though.

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I won’t tell her that, it’d ruin her day.

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really hope i don’t end up with someone that looks like me