Do you lurk on any other forums?

Not majorly interested in ones you post on but if you feel it might be genuinely interesting then try me.

I look at the dirty takeaway thread on PistonHeads quite often. I have no interest at all in cars or the like but I remember finding the thread on Google once and being in awe.

Also browse Pie & Bovril from time to time. Quite a lot of dodgy takes there but nothing that you wouldn’t hear on a daily basis in working class Scotland. Some very good stories on there too. Reckon most of you would be disgusted.

I see the big lad has migrated



I’d be all over that.

Not so much.


have a look on FoxesTalk from time to time but always retreat pretty quickly when i remember what they’re like

Best thread ever on this was when we got to Wembley and there was a 5 page discussion about whether pasties would be available there or should people bring their own.


the 2 major depor forums forodepor and and the depor subreddit.

No I don’t

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God no.

This guy is good value.


Read some reddits but that’s it

Jesus Christ, that middle photo


Not since forums died a death and were replaced with facebook groups.


I lurk on the Offset Guitars forum, pop up occasionally to buy some pedals but I’ve been using it to pick out which Jazzmaster I’m buying mostly.

Don’t post on it much because, even though it’s okay in many ways, all guitar forums are wretched hives of sexism and misogyny.

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I lurk in a very exclusive discord server (not very exclusive). Can’t really contribute because everyone else is in a different time zone, but people in there are very nice and much smarter than I am.

If you’re still on FB I can recommend a very good (private) guitar chat group run by friends of mine that’s pretty much working musicians rather than blues lawyers, no regressive bullshit allowed. (Quite a few other members in Ireland too)


I used to lurk loads on forums. This is the first forum I’ve been a semi-active participant in.

Sometimes I spend time on Reddit I suppose but less so these days.

do you secretly believe you’re a lurkers favourite poster?

  • yes
  • no

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