Do you make a conscious decision to get a certain type of potato


Or do you just think to yourself “fuck it let’s get some taters”?


New potatoes 9/10 times unless I’m making mash


Big ones when I am baking them




Oven chips…


Regular bag of white spuds unless I’m making sweet potato fries or potato salad or something.


Depends what I’m making. Luckily the bags say ‘this is good for mashy mash’, ‘these will make good roasties’ cos I’m a child and need this guidance.




Totally depends on what I’m making - but I genuinely don’t think I’ve bought potatoes for over 6 months.


Haven’t bought a potato since I moved out of my parents’ house twelve years ago.


Sure do.

Roasting - Maris Piper.
Mashing - Any variety of red ones. Leave the skin on. You’ll thank me later.
Boulangere - Desiree. Again, leave that skin on and bang them in the oven for 1h30m minimum. And, again, you will thank me later
Jacket - The biggest loose one they have in the shop. Dunno what they default to, King Edwards probably.
Salads etc. - Charlotte. ALWAYS Charlotte.

Potato gripes - why do they only sell them (except new/mini potatoes) in 2.5kg bags? That’s too much spud for most scenarios.


Big bag of the cheap white potatoes. They work fine for pretty much anything.

Been a lot of potato chat on here over the past week or so.


King Edward - mash
Desiree - roast
Maris Piper - jacket
Yukon Gold - chips
Charlotte - tortilla
Jersey Royal - minted
Anya - salad




Potatoes are the grocery item I like buying the least I think


I use the big baking ones for all my potatoid needs


They certainly are! #topical


Good answers from @GEOFF and @aboynamedgoo . Everyone else fuck off


Just FYI, I will never thank anyone for leaving potato skin in mash.


Wait wat does boulange mean?!