Do you make soup?

got any good soup recipes or anecdotes about soup?

I have made soup. It was fine.

That is my best soup anecdote.



No anecdotes though. Soup isn’t very interesting.

quite hard to make REALLY good soup at home

nope! best of luck with this thread

Would happily live in a soup free world.

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I make soup but I mainly just make it to get rid of veg that’s on the turn

Seems a bit like one of those things where the entire idea is convenience, ie not making it

Would you?
Even ramen?

“It’s just water with bits in it!” - someone’s granddad.

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What soup did you make?

Is it?

I mean they are ok but get rid of them and I would move on and continue my success story.

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I’m a member of a facebook group called ‘we love sop’. I have no idea how I got added to it, I am entirely ambivalent about soup and can’t remember the last time I had any.

Clearly you’ve never been to Nusa. Their soups are very interesting.

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i’m no jamie oliver but i’ve made tomato soups and they were 7/10

This is the soup thread not the sop thread


I EAT soup.

Like most non-pizza foods, the Japanese and Thai ones are better.

When soup comes up in conversation, sometimes people say “No soup for you!” and then stand there with a grin on their face basking in the smug satisfaction at their ability to reference a very popular 90s sitcom.