Do you make soup?

I have soup for lunch almost everyday, and I love it. Had a Brazilian coconut and lime one today with quinoa or something going like that.

I used to make it more but it’s more difficult to cook all my meals from scratch these days so I often buy my soups and cook my dinners.

I got that for myself today…with salt sachets of course.

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gonna make some celeriac soup…soon

This doesn’t really help me but I appreciate the response. That sounds like a nice soup. How would you rate it out of 10?


Didn’t someone on here once make a soup and went to strain it without anything under the sieve - so ended up just pouring their soup down the sink?

Roast some veg.
Put in saucepan with stock
Add some form of pulse and a truckload of chilli flakes
Cook until pulse is done
Put in some coconut milk


I don’t make soup, I don’t make bread. I pay people/companies to do these things for me.

You massive fucking Tory.

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This is too relaxed and it’s no wonder you’re not having a 10/10 soup.

Same here, just chuck in whatever veg with the stock, a different combination every time but largely a potato/carrot/leek base. Sometimes put in a bit of broccoli stalk to add bulk.

Had a really good parsnip and sweet potato soup recipe but cannot remember where it was from :disappointed:

phil collins’ first dra- ughghgh

I love soup and make it a lot. From scratch with chicken bones. My mum always makes soup out of the turkey carcass after Christmas and at some point after becoming an adult i realised i can do that with chicken whenever i want and don’t have to restrict myself to one proper soup a year.

I know but I was going down the soup anecdote line, although it’s not really much of an anecdote.

I’d say a 5.5 as it was a bit lacking on flavour, should have had way more lime.

Curried cauliflower is really nice and easy to make at home, doesn’t really need a recipe other than onion, garlic, curry powder, cauliflower, stock. Maybe some ginger.

Oh, pretend I’d put some more adjectives in my recipe if you want

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Like soup in a pot we are what?

Gazpacho or other cold soups

  • bleak misery food
  • decent
  • love it

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5.5 is an average sounding soup.

I don’t actually think I have any curry powder in my house.

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