Do you moan too much?

  • yeah I moan about everything
  • no I’m a positive and lovely person

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When I was younger I decided that I would just be happy once I hit 30 and I would give up being a moaner. Didn’t do it for some reason


If anything I’d like to moan more.

  • when I’m hungry I become extra moany and petulant
  • my stomach does not affect my mood

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I do complain a lot but try to be upbeat too
:weary: :+1:


I’m a prick

That’s neither here nor there.

Alright, I’m a moaning prick


Firm believer in a good moan. When you can have a good moan with pals regularly about mutual or even unrelated problems, life just makes a bit more sense

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Like in bed? I’ve never had any complaints.


I’m kind of moany but also not particularly assertive

So I don’t really moan where it counts

I think I moan a lot less in 2021 than I did in 2019

i’m too enthusiastic. have been told this a lot but i assume those people are all fuckin moaners


would really appreciate some kind of graph or infographic?

That’s great T, have you got any tips? I’d love to hear from a master

  • sometimes I kind of enjoy not having a good time
  • what?

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Is this the filth thread?


Used to knock about with a lot of moaners, but for various reasons, drifted apart from that group and felt much better. Realised it had been quite draining and depressing. Now make a conscious effort not to moan in an unproductive way. So I have a bit of a cathartic vent sometimes or a whinge in order to talk about what I’m upset about and why, then often find it’s not so bad after all.


yeah I feel bad for the people I inflict my moaning upon. Sometimes I catch myself halfway through a rant and realise nobody really cares and nor should they

gotta power through anyway though, never show weakness in your moaning