Do you need silence to sleep?

Weirdly, actual silence is a fucking nightmare for me. Like I think I want silence but then I’ll go and stay in the countryside or whatever and it feels eery and wrong. Would never pump noise in but need some distant general city noise pollution I guess

“Coleen hates it - she won’t let me turn on a vacuum cleaner or a fan, not when we’re together.”

Going to go out on a limb and suggest that a fan is more common here, but that’s not as good a story.

Same. I’ve been using earplugs and an eye mask religiously for a few years now. Sleep way better than I used to.

I’ve always been effected by light when I’m sleeping. My mum and dad used to laugh at me cause I’d swear that the digital clock on my video player would light up my whole room. They wouldn’t believe me!!

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I’ve always hated little LED lights on TVs and stuff being on in an otherwise dark room. Now I have to put up with a baby monitor doing it which I can’t switch off…

frequently listen to music or podcasts

can’t deal with noises aside from those though

Live on a quiet road but always have the window open at night so can hear the faint hum of the A12 and stuff. I quite like it.

When I go and stay at my Mum’s it’s absolutely silent. No noise anywhere. I quite like that too.

My mum lives (well, used to, she moved recently) in a completely silent area, except that it’s directly under the landing approach for Glasgow airport. So I’d get a very peaceful night’s sleep until about 6 in the morning, when you’d hear “NYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAARRRRHHHHH” from what feels like about thirty feet above your head.

If I’m staying at someone’s house with no curtains I go batshit crazy. My parents have shutters on their windows which is an absolute dream. Currently don’t have blackout curtains but think I might buy some cheap ones…

Where I lived before, my upstairs neighbours would run their tumble dryer each night from about 10pm til 2am sometimes.

Drove me INSANE. I could hear it over earplugs AND noise cancelling headphones.

Argos is where I got mine from and they’re great! Or Ikea!

The worst is when you’re on holiday and the hotel/airbnb doesn’t have adequate curtains. I’ve had to resort to putting a pair of my bfs pants over my head before to be able to sleep!

tumble drying for 4 hours? her bills mustve been extortionate!

i need silence. im aware of any bits of noise and cant sleep with it really. except at ferstivals

There’s a separate level of hell for people like this, where they get poked with a thousand toothpicks every time they try to concentrate on anything.

I know! It would go on and on. Sometimes I think they must have got up and put a second load on.

thats deviant behaviour that!

I could never work out how that room was configured cause it was the same size as my room which is quite small (the size of a double bed plus a bit on one end and to the right) and I definitely heard people shagging up there (I’d get woken up by the very graphic sounds and a big joint AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH upon completion) so I’m confused what the fuck that room was

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Tumble drier-aided shagging, obviously.

My (imaginary, I’m never going to do it) coup de grace for when I confront my noisy next door neighbours is that if I can hear them shagging it’s only ever him I hear. Then suggest some educational websites he might want to read.

Yeah, been looking at Argos/IKEA ones for like the past month, think I just need to do it… Maybe Thursday then have loadsa long sleeps over bank holiday weekend.

Got an airbnb coming up with no curtains. Often resorted to sticking cardboard boxes against the windows…

But there was definitely a bed in there cause I could hear someone snoring in there and the bed was creaky as fuck.

I think I got to the point of shouting OH FOR FUCKS SAKE if i’d wake up to hear them shagging. Didn’t stop 'em tho did it.

Maybe you should just leave them a note.

I know a guy who can’t sleep without the sound of the tumble dryer, so he has a recording of it playing through speakers at his bedside.

I don’t know if he grew up in a utility room or something.