Do you need silence to sleep?

I’ve got a much more British solution to this problem: I’m going to buy a house I can’t really afford to get away from them and never mention it.

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You’ve kept your friendship with Wayne Rooney very quiet.

He’s a regular embarrassment, is the thing.

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when mr pn put the curtain rail up in our bedroom he put it slightly too high and so there’s a slither of light coming in from the streetlamp outside and i hate it so much

Normally am tired enough to sleep no matter what but occasionally the TV has a night of heavy snoring and it wakes me up. Either that or the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ audiobook she has a habit of throwing on when she thinks I’ve nodded off.

Have I complained about this? Have I fuck!

You bloody love hearing about the elves, don’t lie.

Had some very scary dreams at one stage when the narrator is on about Gollum following the Fellowship down a river. Kept seeing creatures rise up out of whatever river was in my dreams attempting to devour me. No fun!

Sew his cycling jerseys onto the bottom to prove a point

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& @jack205

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need to have a window open because of tinnitus innit.