Do you own a ladder?

If so, how big is it?

Are you superstitious about walking under ladders?

Got any other good ladder content?


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I own a very small set of steps which are currently deployed as a bedside table for a fan.

I am not superstitious about walking under ladders.

I like saying stuff like “I’d rather be on the bottom rung of a ladder I want to climb than halfway up one I don’t”

My previous landlord had seven (7) just out and about our flat

I do not own a ladder. Wish I did. Have to borrow the landlord’s if we need to do anything at height

does a step ladder count (I don’t think it should)

Put the #lad in #ladder me m9.

technically, in so much as there’s one installed a the single means of accessing the loft, or attic, if you will. got a step ladder too, but that’s a ladder in name alone.

Yes, we’ll technically their my dads but they live in my wee cupboard thing in the Hall. They use to serve as a rustic shoe stand

Aluminium 5 Tread Stepladder we’ve got. About 5’ I’d say. It’s gotten us through some tough times that lad but still going strong.

Annoyed this has already had more replies than my bin bag thread

got a step ladder, but I think of it as my own ladder as its biological owner is never around

Step ladder AND a loft ladder.

We own two. I think one’s just a step ladder. The bigger of the two was tall enough to easily get up into the loft in my old flat, but now we’re in a house with high ceilings we can’t get to all of our loft space (I think there’s one hatch we can get through, so we’re filling up from there and maybe by the time that bit’s full we’ll have had steps put on the other hatches)


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Yes. Big enough to get up in a loft.

our ladder is my wife’s from a previous relationship … it is there fore a … STEP LADDER ahahahahahah

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ooh, we’ve got one of those fixed ones you pull down through a loft hatch

(not a fan, tbh)

My wife had ladders before I knew her, but she’s bought new tights since then.

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I love my step-ladder. Sadly, I never knew my real ladder.