Do you own a ladder?

@eems is top of the table tennis ladder

Yeah I’m a bit of a lad, but my mate Rich is ladder.

Is he into two step?

Of course, where else would I keep my eggs and tinned goods

only a stepladder. does that count? a stepladder?

Got a step ladder, plus one of these telescopic ones for proper highwire work :+1:


Not officially mine, but my brother in law stored his big ladder in our garage 5 years ago. It’s still here.

Also own a step ladder and loft ladder.

Got some steps for inside, and then a fucking gigantic 3 piece 3 metre ladder outside that I bought when I painted our old house outside. It’s great for outside jobs on gutters etc but a single section is too big to use inside.

I do. It’s not here tho. I really need it too, the ceiling is very far away. I had to stand on a knife block and a couple of books on the corner of the bath to turn the water off a wee while ago. It was hazardous.


You’re not a proper person unless you own one of these

Two step ladders. One was left behind by builders. Don’t recall buying the other one. MIght have been there when we moved in. Used to have a loft ladder, but got rid.

Do you own the world’s most ridiculous taps?


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I like to live on the edge (of a knife)(block).


proper white van man ladder that

At what height/step count does a step ladder cease to be a step ladder and is instead a small ladder?