Do you own a leather jacket?

  • Yes
  • No

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No but I’ve had 2 in my younger days

16 year old me had a “classic” big heavy one. Was a bit too big. No idea what happened to it

I then had a thinner / longer more 70s style one I got from a 2nd hand shop just before I started uni. My green army surplus backpack wore a hole in it on the front RIP

My dad had a leather trenchcoat/ duster which seemed to have never been worn. I tried it on frequently but never had the guts to actually wear it out. A good thing as I would have been mercilessly mocked

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Haven’t worn it for years though. It’s ripped in one of the armpits.

i have this vintage lewis leathers one from the early 60s (i think) that was given to me a few years ago. One time when i was out a guy offered to give me £400 in cash for it. Its distressed to fuck and the zip is on the way out but it’s amazing. I actually haven’t worn it for about a year now (i’ve got this brilliant forest green WW2 trench i wear in cold weather and i just wear blazers when it’s warmer and need something to put over a shirt) but this kind of overcast but not too cold weather is good for it.


Got to be the most high risk item of clothing in our realm, right?

don’t think it’d suit me

Alright guybrush threepwood

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Leather trousers

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I mean I couldn’t carry it off because I have always been too much of an essential narc type of guy but also it would make me feel so uncomfortable to be wearing that much dead animal. Boots and belt are bad enough…

High risk of being the COOLEST


Does vegan leather (ie plastic) count?

Bought a brown leather jacket from TK Maxx when I was about 17, was awful, proper retired dad shit, wasn’t even biker style it was just boring. Never felt comfortable wearing it, ditched it a few years later.

Bought a cheap faux leather biker jacket a couple of years ago (probably documented on here somewhere) and love it, like xylo says, it’s timeless, goes with everything, practical, the lot. Would love to buy a proper leather one if suddenly came into the cash.

Oh fuck they’re on sale :grimacing:

Be like me and do both for a full blown midlife crisis


I do and it looks fucking wicked


I’ve always wanted one. Don’t know I could pull it off though :thinking:

Black leather biker jacket with white t-shirt underneath will still be cool in the year 3400.

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No, they never suit me. but I have a cropped dark grey suede jacket that fulfils that hole in my life

Shoes aren’t clothes.

I think everyone on DIS would look amazing and cool in a leather jacket


I’d like to try one on out of intrigue, would probably look like a dick though