Do you own a vegetable trolley?



I’m thinking of getting in the game.


i think so, we don’t use it for veg though

  • I do NOT own a vegetable trolley
  • I DO own a vegetable trolley

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Back off, pal. I’m trying to stimulate vigorous debate.


Look at Balonz with his vegetable trolley!


We’re in a post-debate age now mate, polls are the future


I own a drinks trolley.



Wanna know what I put my veg in?


I don’t.

Wold consider for new flat though.

If we ever actually end up buying it.



What kinda capacity are we talking here?




Word of warning, those little baskets are dickheads to fold into place if this is an assembly job.


German made. Real quality.

But enough about me!!!


Used to, binned it for lack of space. Could do with one again. Let me know how you get on m8.


Yes. We have this one. From IKEA.


What’s a vegetable trolley?

I do not own one, obivously.


Yea, only a little one mind. The fruit bowl sits on top.


£49! Flash!


It used to come in a cute mint green colour but now they only do brown, grey or beige. Wtf ikea. who wants a brown trolley.