Do you own a... ?



  • Yes, I have a hammer with which I can hammer in the morning
  • No, I cannot hammer out a love between my brothers and sisters

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Baseball glove

  • Strike one! (Yes)
  • Foul ball (No)

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  • Yes-mulke
  • No-mulke

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Radio. A proper radio, not something that can play/stream online radio

  • Radio? Who needs a radio?!
  • Yes

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what year do you think this is mate

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You have to remember what website this is


A device that is solely a radio or a device that can play radio such as a smart speaker / Alexa device / stereo etc?

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Have edited!

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I have 3

Alarm clock, kitchen and car

Having to use your phone for every fucking thing is a total PITA


I’ve put yes in the hammer thread but we currently only have a rubber mallet. This is because our hammer got stolen. Amazing that a hammer can get stolen but there you go.


not having car stereo as a radio mate. just not having it.


Did you go to a Jewish wedding too @hip_young_gunslinger?

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A toasted sandwich maker

  • Breville Breville, this poll is a yes
  • Cheese NOastie

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stupid radio doesn’t get any signal since we’re in the basement :’(


unless you’ve placed a radio in your car like a twat


It’s got a radio in it?


Yeah not having car, sorry

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Yes I did! (My wife is also Jewish but I was not required to wear one the single time we attended temple for a funeral).


not having it.


It’s fine, I have 2 other, non car radios


Mazel tov!


I own a car, which has a radio in it, and I my amp on my hi fi is actually a receiver which has a radio built in too. I also have a portable DAB, which can pick up FM, and a DAB alarm clock which does FM radio too.

Can’t remember the last time I listened to anything on Medium Wave. Is that even still a thing?

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