Do you own anything you think will one day end up in a museum?

I own two things I think will genuinely end up in a museum one day:

  1. An original photo of GG Allin from his final ever gig (as per the ‘what’s on your wall’ thread). It was bought from GG’s brother and bandmate Merle (there’s a letter of authenticity on the back). GG walked out the venue bollock naked during the set, stalked the streets for a bit, and then jumped in a taxi and disappeared (the video is on youtube). A couple of hours after this photo was taken he took an overdose at a party and died. It may well be the last photo of him alive. I think it’s an absolutely vital artefact of rock n roll history. Quite which museum or exhibition it will end up in i’m not quite sure, but someone will want to loan it eventually for definite!


  1. Huge original Liam and Noel billboard posters for the Knebworth gigs (one of which was bought for me by Meowington, funnily enough). Not as rare as the GG photo of course, but in time it will depend on how many people keep in them in good condition I guess. Always wanted to get them framed but given their size they’ll cost about £500 - 600 each to get done. There will absolutely be a 50 year anniversary ‘Britpop and youth culture’ exhibition or similar at the Barbican/V&A/British Museum etc, and as the gigs that defined the decade and arguably that whole generation, these posters will take pride of place. Whether they use my posters or not will remain to be seen.

What do you own that will end up in a museum or exhibition?

My dick

Hi CG (I might be behind the times on this one)


You are. Already got suspended. But let’s stick to the topic at hand.

Fuck Knebworth was only £22.50! (Yes I know how inflation works, thanks).

My own notebooks, obviously.

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Even with inflation it’s less than £40, a bargain compared to big event gigs today.

Yeah would be £80 minimum these days.

Or £100 if it was Radiohead.

All of the photos of my kids, at a young age, will end being worth millions when they are inevitably titans of industry / political leaders.


It’s a small detail, but one of the things I love most about the posters is that there are no websites listed anywhere - just a load of venues and phone numbers to buy tickets. Really dates them, but in quite a charming way I think.

For blackmailing purposes?

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Given the supporting line-up included Manic Street Preachers, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Charlatans, Kula Shaker etc, it was crazy value!

Who is it?


Yeah 50% of the poster is taken up with copy telling you how to get a ticket. Don’t get that any more.

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