Do you pass gas in front of your partner?

So, do/would you fart (sorry Elaina) in front of your significant other?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Rarely / in extreme circumstances only

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If so, how long does it take for you to get comfortable and do they do it too? Who was first?


I’ll hold it in until I next see her


Aggressively so, yes.

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behind, but never in front


yes. Find people who get uptight about things like this unbelievably strange.


Yeah, try not to do it too much but on occasion it’s unavoidable or amusing to do so.

A life spent hiding your flatulence is no life at all.


I can understand being nervous about it in the early days for sure, but yeah I don’t understand why people make it a big deal.

I request being respectful if it’s going to be stinky though (eg don’t do it in the lounge or whatever if we’re going to have to sit in the stank till it dissipates, just step out or whatever).

I would respectfully refuse such a request.

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actually interested to hear @Elaina_Casoolare’s thoughts tbf, don’t IU remember her having a problem with it? or is it just the word fart ?

understandable. At least you heard me out.

I believe @anon44830896 had a very strict “no bomping” policy.

:smiley: ‘bomping’

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That’s the only reason I remember it.

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For context, I have no real choice due to my crohn’s - would make it nigh on impossible. Got good at hiding the sound though, and for some reason, 99% of mine are scentless unless I’m already in the bathroom (maybe related to the crohn’s?) so I’d say the vast majority go unnoticed.

I think you’ve got it arse about face

How’s your relationship going? [TAKEN PEOPLE ONLY]
I’ve started bomping in front of my boyfriend. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. I have insane amounts of wind sometimes and he says it wakes him up over ear plugs which he has to wear to block out my snoring. I’m a catch.

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Only Rules:

Not at the dinner table
Not while eating
Not in the kitchen
and as above, Not when it’s going to be stinky and we’re stuck with it*

*exceptions are once we’ve been asleep, not going to make you get up, but if we’ve just gone to bed pleaseeeee don’t, and in the car, we’ll crack the window and you have no choice really.

Well, I’m very happy to be wrong in this instance.

  • not when anybody’s head is in the firing line

standard though, surely.

(unless it’s funny.)