Do you pick your nose?

  • Yes, and I don’t care who sees. I’m a nose gold prospector.
  • Occasionally, but I usually use my thumb to try and hide it.
  • Only if I know no one can see me.
  • Heavens no.
  • Tory option also suck my own dick on the tube even if I don’t have one (dick not a tube).

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  • :nose:
  • :pig_nose:

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Something dead satisfying about getting a good bogie out

Less satisfying when you draw blood :pensive:

If only snot and bogies had monetary worth I would be loaded

Bogie nights

“pick us a winner!”

  • Look embarrassed at being caught
  • Double down and jam your finger towards your brain with a look of conviction.

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one time when I was in primary school a guy saw me picking my nose.

a couple of days later he came up to me and said. “I’ve got a good game for you - whenever you seen someone picking there nose, go up to them and say ‘isn’t it gross when people pick their nose’ they’ll agree but they’ll know you know.”

still think about it all the time, it’s one of the most tricksy things that’s ever happened to me.

that guy is probably a millionaire now.


nah i use the same one every day

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that’s pretty smart for primary school!

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