Do you play card/board games?

I’m from Minnesota, where we play cribbage. Great game. I’m from prison, where we play pinochle. Great game. Chess, okay maybe, if you’re any. Backgammon, bring it on, I’ve got double sixes up the kazoo. I like Stratego, or is it Risk, I forget, but war games are always fun.

Favorite board and card games. Describe your most memorable victory for ten extra indie points.

just wait til @Epimer tells you about all his penoid games

Nah. Dreadful shit for adult babies, the lot of it.

Oh, c’mon you guys, you don’t even play Scrabble with your girlfriend on a rainy Saturday night? It’s about one million times better than playing Super Mario by yourself, hello. But no, you’re a Grand Theft Auto master mechanic, arf.

I do adult things for adults. Obviously there’s my charity work - which is very important to me - but also experimenting with recipes for my Nutribullet and, like all right-thinking adults, following the football, from which I derive most of my self-esteem (when we win).

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Ah well, okay, you win…fucking charity workers, you really piss me off!


quite like backgammon, but I’m not very good at it. any attempt at strategy usually falls apart fairly quickly

Just Netrunner. All other games are shite for babies or Omar Sharifs

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Backgammon! Haven’t played for a few years.

Scrabble is great but the issue is that once you have certain tactics you can’t play against casual players and my wife is more of a casual player.

The game we’ve played most together is a two player version of Settlers of Caton actually.

We have catan and scrabble but the wife gets insanely competitive when we play them so doesnt happen often.

(Incidentally, she’s also from MN but doesnt play cribbage, and i’m currently sporting a vikings tshirt)


Maybe you should get some cooperative games.

Oh OceanRain, @Epimer has played you like a fiddle. We call him King Of The Penoids.


Obviously games like Uno or Skip-Bo are family faves but need 3 players

Walked past a chess shop on Baker Street the other day and wondered how on earth it continued to survive.
In answer to the question only under huge amounts of duress and I usually just fuck about/try and waylay anyone who seems a bit too competitive, so.

cribbage is purty good as you say across the pond

In general or vs a chess fan you take the piss?

In general. Chess is probably the only one I’d take halfway seriously tbh, just don’t understand how there’s enough people spending regular money on it to necessitate a dedicated shop, even if they are antique sets.

There are 605million chess players worldwide according to google, so that’s like, 237 million in London alone probably?!11 also, I’m glad a chess shop exists, maybe its bankrolled by a billionaire

I’m not sure a third of the chess playing world live in London but who am I to disparage such stellar marckeeing

I think we start with how the fuck that Umbrella shop on New Oxford Street is still going…