Do you prefer a bagel to be

  • compact with a very small hole
  • covering a larger area but with a greater hole
  • indifferent and you have wasted my time by posting this thread and poll

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just buy these and don’t even think about the hole my friend


So London bagels vs New York bagels?

I’d say London but only because New York bagels are terrible here, if I were in New York I would say the opposite.

Consistency is more important to me. Very disappointed when they’re too chewy. Needs a good crust but fluffy underneath, like my favourite poster Balonz.


Getting one with barely any hole is like one of those wonderful treats equivalent to getting a Kit Kat with no wafer.


Don’t come in here trying to impress people with your bagel knowledge.

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Dense chewy beigels forever for the win


Bagel bites can fuck off too

I bet Balonz puts chunky peanut butter on his bagels

I’m currently eating one of those but I got them all out and took the one with the smallest hole. I am having cheddar and burger sauce just like they do in NY.

We really are kindred spirits

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Without the hole it’s just bread


Chewy bread though

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“What’s daddy doing with the bagels and a ruler?”
“Just ignore him honey”


Turns out the new revamped Percy Ingle is finally open now though so I’ll be going back to my Multiseed Tin Loaf (Thick Sliced) this weekend!

don’t like bagels

don’l like the hole in them. feel like i’m being cheated out of extra bread.

don’t feel this way about doughnuts though. who knows why.

Human beings are complex, multi-faceted creatures.

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Name a more iconic place in London, I’ll wait


Anyone else disappointed that there is not such a thing as Goodfella’s bagels?

Next door